Winter Sleeping Bag from Baby Sense
Winter Sleeping Bag from Baby Sense
Winter Sleeping Bag from Baby Sense

Winter Sleeping Bag from Baby Sense

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Winter Sleeping Bag from Baby Sense

This super cozy and durable winter sleeping bag from Baby Sense is made up of 3 layers of 100% cotton to ensure that baby remains warm in the early hours of these wintery nights. 

It is designed to keep babies at the perfect temperature on wintery nights, preventing the risk of overheating or becoming too cold. The design also ensures that your little one is covered throughout the night as many babies tend to kick off their blankets and swaddles as they get a little older which causes them to cool down in the early hours of the morning, leading to night wakings.

  • Breathable: 100% cotton helps reduce the risk of overheating
  • Safe: Eliminates loose blankets in the crib and is British Standard approved
  • Practical: Zips open in the front for easy night-time changes.
  • Comfy: Lined with soft flannel for extra warmth


The Sleeping Bag fits babies from 5 months until about 18 months.

length of baby weight of baby approximate age
60 cm – 85 cm / 24 ” – 33 “ 7kg – 12 kg / 15 lbs – 26 lbs 5 – 18 months


The Baby Sense Sleeping Bag is a wearable blanket that will keep your baby at a comfortable temperature all night long. The table below shows our guidance on the correct clothing to be used in different room temperatures.

The Baby Sense Sleeping Bags are designed to be used instead of blankets and top sheets and you need to regularly check your baby to make sure he or she is not too hot or cold, as all babies are different.

Sleeping Bag warmth chart

room temperature what to dress your baby in
24° – 27° C /
66° – 80° F
Too warm for comfort Cool the room and use short sleeved vest with Summer Sleeping Bag only
19° – 24° C /
66° – 75° F
Perfect temp but cools down in the morning Cotton baby grow or pyjamas with Summer Sleeping Bag
16° – 19° C /
61° – 66° F
Will wake feeling cool Vest and cotton baby grow with Winter Sleeping Bag
Less than 16° C / 61° F Too cold to sleep Needs a vest and warm cotton baby grow or pajamas with a Winter Sleeping Bag


Dimensions: length 450mm/18″, height 860mm/34″

Washing instructions: Machine washable. Wash like colours together. Close zip and turn inside out before washing

Color: stone / neutral