Pegasus Calming Remedy

Pegasus Calming Remedy

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Pegasus Calming Remedy

Homeopathic remedies are safe to use for the whole family, including pregnant and lactating mothers and newborn babies.

Pegasus Calming is a homeopathic general calmative that helps to take the edge off stressful situations, allowing one to cope. Can be used with babies i.e. while travelling, changing up routines or starting crèche.

Pegasus homeopathic remedies do not expire. Simply tap the bottle a few times in the palm of the hand before dosing, should it not have been used in a while.

Keep away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and moisture.


Until an infant can suck the pillules safely without risk of choking (around 8-9 months old), crush 4-5 pillules between 2 plastic medicine measures then add a small amount of water and spoon directly into the infant’s mouth. Do not use metal spoons as the remedies are very subtle and absorption may be affected. 

For more detailed information about Pegasus homeopathic remedies, visit Pegasus website