Fussy Baby Weighted Soother from NurtureOne™

Fussy Baby Weighted Soother from NurtureOne™

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NurtureOne™ Fussy Baby Weighted Soother

The nutureOne™ Weighted Soother is a great aid for babies that struggle to settle. It provides sensory input in the form of deep pressure which encourages calming and soothing and therefore aids sleep.

Once your baby is in a deep sleep the weighted soother can be removed, since its main purpose it so assist to calm fussy babies to settle.

The weighted soother can be used when the baby reaches a weight of about 7 kg - for earlier use it is recommended that it is used under the guidance of a midwife. One can also use part of the weighted soother, i.e. on baby's feet, against its back, over a shoulder etc. for comfort.

Approximate dimensions: 35 cm x 23 cm

Approximate weight: 750g